Saturday, 6 August 2011

Hasamäki downhill skiing site checkout by bike

I went to check out a place for downhill riding. I think the best route is in the forest. It's the nearly straight path seen on the far left in the Sports-Tracker excercise. It has some curves, and it has only a few small rocks. OTOH, I did not see clearly every obstacle because of the stuttering (no rear suspension) and wet eyes ;) The bicycle meter recorded maximum speed of 35 km/h. It really felt a bit faster! Not once before I've needed to hold so tight on the handle bar. That was interesting!

Besides writing something, I thought it's about time to try how embedding the excercise works (with the new layout, it doesn't seem to work):

Open the workout on Sports-Tracker website.

Anyway, the hills have some / lot of vegetation, which makes fast riding very dangerous, as there might be (there is) some rocks or potholes you can't see. To make it clear: I only tried riding where I could see the ground. I also noticed that just going down is not so rewarding. There should be a trail with bends and some jumps and stuff. As it is now, Hasamäki offers very little for downhill riding. But, if there would be a group of DH riders interested making it a DH-able place, it is possible.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Art of the war

I may not be the first one having negative thoughts on journalism after seeing a great shot in not so nice context. Anyway, some thoughts were raised quickly when I saw this photo (sorry, I could not find this alone anywhere):

My intention is not to copy the photo here, so you have to click the link and check out the source.
The title says "Libyan rebels are ready for ceasefire".

The beauty of the photo is striking. It looks a bit too good, IMO, and I don't mean overprocessed. I'm talking about the subject, composition and exposure all together. I could add timing to the list, but it's just plain obvious in this case. This photographer is a real photographer, so it's just right he's on the field taking photos. What's wrong? Just what I'm saying! The photo is awesome! And it's about war. A war that's going on right now. This just made me feel strange. Welcome to today?