Sunday, 14 March 2010

Video: timelapse: snow and shadows

Here's one of my first DSLR timelapse videos, and the first time I'm embedding my own video, blogging a video etc. I'm also learning how to do things right with Google buzz. I wanted to "buzz" this to my followers (there's no such option in buzz, right - it's either public or chosen contacts... I don't like that kind of choises!). I didn't want to put this on my public profile. So, if I blog this, it will be buzzed. Right? :)

Definitely not a smooth one, or perhaps not even interesting. I set 1 minute interval because I didn't know how long I would let the timer run, and Canon EOS D60 takes no bigger than 2GB card, and the remaining photos counter displayed "999" when using medium sized high quality JPG setting. I used low FPS to make the video long enough. I did consider the composition, however. The "ditch" is a pathway through our backyard, after some more snow has covered it.
The frame-to-frame flickering caused by auto-exposure is filtered by Temporal smoother (a VirtualDub filter).

I hope this works...